What actullay is a biblical Christian?

What is a Christian?This question is answered by so many people, so many different ways according to their perceptions. Even every dictionary has a slightly different answer and most certainly I do not need to add my opinion.

But you know WHO’S opinion counts?

Answer: God will have the final say because He is perfect and holy!

So what does GOD have to say what a “real” Christian is?

The term Christian was first mentioned in the Bible in Acts 11:26. Here is a little background: Jesus was resurrected and the disciples (followers of Christ) spread that good news to all, who were not there to actually see it. They had nothing written in their hands and most of them had all kinds of questions what is acceptable in God’s eyes and what not. Chapter 11 begins with a lot of conflicts: Is the gospel only for the Jews? Can we eat this or that? What do we do?

The Holy Spirit guided the believers and that is how the news of Jesus came even as far as Antioch, a thriving metropolitan area in Syria, about 8 miles on the southern Turkish border, where archeologist found remains of what was a very large church. Paul and Barnabas were teaching people there for a whole year. Mind you, they were not well received and often made fun of. People enjoy classifying, so everybody knows what “kind” they all are talking about. This is how the name “Christian” was coined for the followers/ disciples of Jesus, The Christ.

The “ian” after people’s names  represents ” of someone” or “a believer or supporter of someone’s theory”.

So what that indicates is that a Christian: belongs to Christ, follows Christ, acts just like Christ does and agrees whole heartily with Christ.

How does one belong to Jesus? 

Jesus says John 3:3: You must be born again else he cannot see the kingdom of God.

So evidently that is the FIRST requirement or we see nothing at all of God.

John 12: 26: Quote:  If any man serve me ( Jesus), let him follow me and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honor ( or validate).

Philippians 2: 2-8: Quote: “Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others. Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.”

Whow!!!! That sure is a tall order!

1. Thinking the same as Jesus does.

2. Having the same love as Jesus does.

3. Be in one accord ( agreement ) with Jesus.

4. Have the same things on your mind that Jesus has on His.

5. No striving, but humbly putting the other person first.

6. Make sure others have things, not just you.

7. Contemplate always what Jesus has done for you: Even though He is equal with God from beginning of time, never insisted on accolades, but became servant to all mankind, became human and died, even a cruel death.

And if we want to follow Him, we must do likewise: Love people, put others first, make sure others are served, die to self and empty out all our own ambition.

Am I sure that is what Christianity is?

Yeah: That’s what it is because Jesus says on many more occasions very similar things:
Matthew 16:24 Quote”Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”

Matthew 7:14: Quote ” Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.  “

Matthew 19:24: Quote “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”

and many more

But wait: It is NOT as impossible as it seems:

Matthew 6:33: Quote “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his (Jesus’) righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

So how DO we become more like Jesus and His righteousness?

Study your Bible and follow what the BIBLE says. It is much easier these days than in the time Paul and Barnabas taught in Antioch:

If you have a computer or a concordance look up all the phrase where God says:

“Be ye” (KJV). That will give you a clear indication how we are to act.

In contrast, if you want to know how unbelievers act or how you never would want to act look up the phrase: ” be ye not” (KJV).

That way no teacher can ever lead you astray since you are getting  the direction totally from God and what He says He means literally- no interpretation necessary.

Now a few thoughts on “acceptable” Christianity:

We are living in the end times which means that there are more liars, more false teachers, more religions, more confusion, more opinions.

It is imperative to follow the Truth of God and not our own idea, religious club, pastors, gurus or any of the nice persons, who has so much wisdom, is so wealthy, so educated and lets us in their special inner circle.

Matthew 22:14 For many are called, but few are chosen.

Matthew 7: 22-23 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I (Jesus)profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Friends, that can happen to any one of us since God is under NO obligation to save us. He is God! His will be done, not our wishful thinking.

So what shall we do? Is there any hope?

Yes! Surrender your life to God, our creator. Develop a relationship with Him through the Bible and press hard after Jesus example.

Whenever I do not know, why the Holy Spirit departed from me since I am pretty dense sometimes and life is fast pace, I always cry out to God: ” Lord have mercy on me!” and then wait on the Lord to show me, where I went wrong. The fellowship being disrupted might be as simple as forgetting or avoiding what I was supposed to do, just being careless or I did not forgive someone right away. I always like to take a meditation break every hour or so, so I do not go too far off the deep end. I was very lost before Jesus found me and I rather walk with my Savior through the fire, than be out in left field not bothered by His wooing.

Couple more thoughts:

If you think you have to be a “good” person to be saved: NOT so. Jesus takes you just the way He finds you and puts you together perfectly the way He created you to be. There is NOBODY else like you and you are irreplaceable to God. If you were the only person on earth, you are so valuable that Jesus would have died only for you because He loves YOU with an everlasting love and doesn’t want anything to happen to you. He is so hoping you would choose life through Him and start casting your sorrows on Him because He cares for you more than any person on earth. That is what the Bible says.

If you consider yourself a “good” Christian and deserve to be saved for all your goodness, I have to tell you: ” Good” is a relative term and the Bible says only God is good. (Luke 18:19), but then you would know that since you read your Bible. Consider this: If Christians would be “good”, then Jesus would have had no need to go to the cross and die such an agonizing death. You would be able to save yourself easily with your goodness and the minor sins God will forgive you, of course. Sorry, that is NOT how it works. God is not a respecter of persons and will treat everybody alike on judgment day. God also has no grandchildren.

Each person will give an account what they think of God’s redemptive work on the cross. That is the only thing that  matters if you can get saved from wrath or not!

As long as we are alive in the body, we can choose how to live, because God set us totally free. After our soul and spirit is separated from our body (physical death), our choice can not be altered. At that time we will experience perfect fairness the first time in our lives since we ALL will be judged equally with the same measurement by the same God, our creator. Never before that judgment day we can expect fairness or favor because we live in a world of good and evil, which will ALWAYS have someone on the bottom and someone on the top in every issue of life.

If you need help contact me http://patternstriedandtrue.org/have-a-question-or-comment-contact-me/

But you really do not need me. All you need is Jesus and you will gain access to the throne of God by being born again:

Here is how: http://patternstriedandtrue.org/?s=be+born+again

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Solution for my health issues

When I was diagnosed with cancer my husband and I searched hours for resources and medical reports to find answers.

This is what I found:

Much is written on every issue and humans are very wise to make tests of this and test of that to prove this and that. WHICH in turn makes us more ignorant:

Here is what I mean: 

One article says: Eat no more bread because the carbs are so bad for you. Next article read: Eat bread it is the staff of life and you need the fiber.

One article says: Eat raw foods because you destroy vitamins by cooking. Next article says: Don’t eat raw food because of you will spread E-coli and other bacterias to make you sick.

One article says: do not eat saturated fat because it will clog your arteries. Next article says: You need saturated fat to digest you food.

You get the point!When I was in college to study to become a dietitian in 3 years our tables were changed 4 times, when scientist discover nutrients in food content.

When I was in college ( a long time ago) to study to become a dietitian in 3 years our tables were changed 4 times, when scientist discover nutrients in food content.

So what that tells me there is a “variable” in the food we eat.

Never the less it is food that makes up our body cells. As living goes, nothing stays the same, else it is dead. Hence since WE change our food intake should be variable too. No scientists as of yet figured that our that for instance children have a cell makeup and elderly have a different cell makeup. As we age our body changes, our nutrition needs change. Each person is DIFFERENT from the next and we are most certainly a separate creation. So what is nutritionally healthy and acceptable in rats and monkeys is not to be compared with humans. But since modern science thinks we come from monkeys I am asking you how likely will they find cures for humans?

So what I did to find out what to do about my cancer is studied my Bible. I came on a wealth of information what people knew before the internet, before our medical colleges became corrupt by theories, before science interpreted instead of observed.

It is very simple: God gave us food that grows on the earth to stay physically alive. He enjoys us feasting now and then. He made plants for medicinal purpose because we live in a decaying world, where we are bombarded with stuff that makes us sick, causes us to die.It is humanity, who altered the foods into hybrids because  people eat with their taste buds instead of their brain cells.

It is humanity, who altered the foods into hybrids because  people eat with their taste buds instead of their brain cells. never thinking what is good for them, just what looks and tastes good. Hybrid foods have less nutrients than foods from original seed, so we either eat more, which causes obesity or we lack nutrients.

The earth is depleted because ecology is out of wack. Humans had to find artificial ways ( fertilizers, pesticides) to make their own abundance since in their estimation it was not enough what God provided. That goes also for the meat production also, which is cruel and abominable how animals are treated. People blame God for cruelty to wipe out dangerous people and circumstances. mmmh???!!!

I thank God to have found ways to overcome and keep my family healthy. In fact, we have some mighty awesome recoveries from diseases and circumstances in my family and friends that I am helping to overcome their maladies, addictions, and terrible depression.

You can be set free also. I will not risk the FDA and big Pharma to accuse me, so I ask you to trust me and prayerfully contact me and see if there is not a solution to YOUR problem.

Contact me: My help is free of chargeCancer Free!

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Cancer free without Chemo!

It is possible for getting well and feel great with natural remedies. My cancer story is the proof of that.

When I was diagnosed with cancer and even before that,  in my mind it made NO sense to destroy my immune system even further with chemotherapy, since my huge cancer matured BECAUSE my immune system was already harmed, else it would not have allowed cancer cells to grow, let alone this huge 8.5 cm tumor in my colon. My family and I  always ate very good, healthy food, mostly from our own garden and YET I got this colon cancer.

I looked more to an organic approach to my health situation and found a lot of research on the potency and reliability of natural remedies. True, one can not believe everything you read and I prayed long and hard about the stuff to take for the improvement of my health. But there is much valid documentation that natural plant based remedies provide an excellent cure WITH NO SIDE-EFFECTS!

So far I have not found ONE person, who came out of chemotherapy with just being cancer free and not had other horrible diseases afterward: Depression, Diabetes, Endocrine problems, skin issues, hair loss of course, even blindness after brain tumor…….

So why would one choose to follow a doctor’s advice, who has not even studied biology or nutrition, when God says: “I am your healer!”? As you can see: God has not let me down! My body is cancer free!

In my opinion plants in their essence is nature’s medicine. We all know our bodies have the tendency to renew itself, once we give it the correct building blocks, clean up debris and restore the brokenness.

If we minister to all 11 organ-systems we CAN restore our body with few simple steps and feel great. In so doing we prevent a lot of medical expenses and added agony. And truthfully nutrition is the simplest thing to do with the most effective consequences.

Here is what so called scientists do not get:

Our plants are depleted from nutrient. Growers build our fruit and vegetable sources up with mostly 3 fertilizer: Potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Oh yes, some do compost which is rich in some nutrients like Carbon, Boron, Sulfur and trace minerals. But that is about it! Our earth is totally depleted of Selenium, Bromide, and  Chromium all the other stuff a human needs to remain healthy.

But that is not the most horror for being a plant on this earth: Humans have done such a great job to hybridize all great tasting vegetables, made them less perishable, helped them to grow faster. Sure a tomato still looks like a tomato, a cabbage like a cabbage and so on. YET so many nutrients are missing. Even when we buy “organic” the plants STILL come from a bunch of hybridized seeds, who are so far removed an original. No wonder we all get sick!

That is where I found resources with God’s help! It came true again: Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened….. Matthew 7:7

Since I am often a very stubborn German God at times has to REALLY make it clear to me what  He wants me to do. When I was not feeling good, my daughter was telling me: “ Mom you really need to use these naturals!” 1 bottle was like $100 retail. My answer was: “ Honey, hell will freeze over before your Mom spends $100 on one little bottle like that!” I have not earned any money because I was so weak and hence we had no income (my husband is disabled for 13 years)

Here another little “God push” into natural: One day my Amish neighbor said to me we no longer need to pray for her son because he is healed. I should try it too. She explained to me I can buy all I need to boost my immune system and nourish my organs in wholesale and it will cost around $162 with shipping and I can get my entire body well. I just smiled at her, since I did not have that kind of money to spend. I told her: “No thank you, BUT where God guides, He always  provides.” I left her and never looked back or thought about it again. Went straight way to church where the secretary handed me an envelope and in it was $180. NOBODY from my church had ever given money ever before! I was really floored because my tithe and the stuff I was supposed to buy was exactly $180!!!! Whow! All the way from the church I was praying about this. Maybe my husband had a bill to pay and the money is for that instead, to buy that stuff. But in my heart, I knew how this added up.  Sure enough: My husband did not claim the money for any bills and I signed up for membership!

Membership is important because with the great biological results the pharmaceutical industry is not happy. AND also, if people make false claims this terrific company can withdraw the privilege to sell to them.

I love this company because it is based on the reciprocity concept of the Bible: Give and it will be given to you: good measures press down overflowing….. And with the great benefits of the membership, like reimbursement for shipping, the free product of the month, the costs are actually quite low, compared what a doctor charges.

Now you probably are very curious what company it is and I will not tell you over the internet. Not because it is a secret, but because my wellbeing depends on honesty, integrity, ethics and moral. I would not risk NOT to be able to buy stuff for me and my family’s well-being since it is a real treasure to have nature’s pharmacy right at your fingertips.

If someone wants to join me, I will train everybody personally to succeed to get well. I also will help you to get the very best deal for your product and that is why I will not risk blabbing over the internet.

So, if you think what I said makes sense and there is joy in preventing sickness. If you like to share with others, so others can get healthy also, please contact me and be blessed as I am.Cancer Free!

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Crochet Design Series 1, in the Beginning… Design Inspiration

Here are some great designers who share how they got started and what motivates them to design. This should be an interesting as well as inspiring read for us all, who like to make the world a happy place with crochet contributions.

Same DiNamics Crochet

Welcome to the first of five in the Crochet Design Series! Last week, you had the opportunity to meet the designers who are participating in the series. These designers will be sharing their knowledge with us on what they do to design a crochet pattern. Each designer has their expertise and I love that they are sharing their tips with us.

SDC Crochet Design Series Designers Crochet Design Series Designers

Series 1- Crochet Designing, In the Beginning… Design Inspiration

Welcome, designers, thank you for being here and sharing your vast knowledge on what it takes to design a crochet pattern. I’m really excited to learn more, as perhaps are the readers out there who are looking forward to learn more. 🙂

Can you please give a brief introduction into how you got into designing crochet patterns? 

As a newbie designer, I have some ideas floating around in my mind about what design I’d like…

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Where was I goofing off for so long?

Sure took me a while, but I opened another store with more ways to spread joy and happiness to others AND as you know it is on my heart to help other crochet entrepreneurs to succeed as well.

Crochet is a wonderful art, that lets you be creative forgetting time & space, aches & pains and gives opportunities to make something that was not there the day before. It is an easy way to delight others with our gifts, make extra income and help people in their time of need with useful items.

The new addition to my crochet patterns is greeting cards that have the theme of beautiful crochet items. It is nice for people to spread good cheer with greeting card, they just quickly drop in an email, or post on social media, but of course one can print them out and make even formal invitations.

Spreading fun






I wrote an ebook on all the many uses and applications of my cards to give you many crafts ideas also.

Free ebook








There is a selection to celebrate and congratulate your friends on many occasions prepared in my store and also blank cards:


BUT with custom orders there are many possibilities to make make YOUR occasion special.

For example: Instead of calling every person in your group with an announcement, you can just drop a card in the e-mail. Because it is outstanding and attractive your buddies will NOT forget the date.

Or instead of custom order 100 wedding invitations you just make ONE the very attractive card! Email or mail them inexpensively.

Your business will thrive, because you can drop cards in social media and spread the word. If you are my Facebook-  or G+ friend, you probably have seen how I made cards and put my website URL on the message. With Facebook’s new regulations not to allow sales links to spread, unless one advertises with fb this really helped my business flourish.  I am working on social media management right now to help more crochet artists to market their creations without all that foolish “inner circle” and send me money and I let you in on the secret hype.

As you probably  know I have written about what helped me to get started. Here is that link: http://patternstriedandtrue.org/selling-tips-etsy-seller

I have not been much on Etsy since last summer, but I will eventually start back up, I think, because Etsy is still a good way to market crochet.

Custom cards







I work with artist, who like to find better ways to be found on the internet then SEO alone allows. If you want to join us, just contact me.

Please contact me for discounts for multiple cards, because it is much more economical when you use the same crochet item and make many cards. I have various business discount plans in place to inexpensively spread your crochet news (I do not give facebook $5 a day for advertising. I certainly think that is way too expensive for what it is worth).

That’s all the good news I have to share for now.




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Weird Crochet

Every time you thought you have seen it all!!!!!

Will Hook For Yarn

Sometimes you just want to get a little creative and crochet something totally weird and unique. Who doesn’t want to crochet a bathing suit, lighter cover, toilet seat cover, or high heeled shoes. I found this really neat folder on Pinterest that has links to some odd patterns you might want to check out.

Crocheted wedding shoes

crocheted shoes!?!

Crochet lighter holders


Crochet toilet seat cover

Just because you can crochet a toilet doesn't mean you should......Just to funny.

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This is where I can be found and can answer you.

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2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project

Colouring With Yarn

The 2014 SO Scarf Project has concluded.

Please join us for the 2015 SO Scarf Project


We’re still wrapping up the 2013 Special Olympics Scarf Project – the last deadline is for Utah on 8 March 2013 – but we’re up and running with the 2014 project.

Three states – Arkansa, Ohio, and Oklahoma – continued their goal and project to the 2014 games.  Three states – Delaware, Iowa and Tennessee – have decided their colours for the 2014 games.

Here are the details we have for the five states that we can start working on.  Additional info can be found on the FB or the Ravelry pages. 

Colours:   RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Grey Heather (0400)
Goal:   535 scarves
Received:  97
Deadline:   24 January 2014
Send to:  Special Olympics Arkansas
                Attn:  Scarf Project

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Top Tech Tips – the perfect crochet circle

Very easy to follow tutorial for making a perfect circle.

Cara Medus

Top tech tips - perfect crochet circles

You know the score. You’ve been making crochet circles the same way since I Don’t Know When, but they are never quite right – the seam, having to smooth out the corners… I’ve been trying to find a way of improving on the basic crochet circle where you close off each round with a slip stitch. This is easy to work and easy to count, but the slip stitch at the end of the round creates a visible seam, and you also need to stagger the increases to stop the ‘corners’ becoming obvious.

The second way of doing it is the spiral. This has the advantage of losing the seam, but it is more tricky to keep track of the stitch count (stitch markers may be needed!), and when you have finished there is a visible ‘step’ at the end which needs smoothing out. It also doesn’t work if you…

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The Gift of Brokenness!

Valuable contribution from  Shawn Mullins

The Gift of Brokenness!.


Let me know, if you need help. I am here for you:

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The World’s Top 10 Best Cupcake Inspired Products

The World’s Top 10 Best Cupcake Inspired Products.

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How >fast < Social media is changing the world

Unknown http://www.business2community.com/infographics/how-social-media-is-changing-the-world-infographic-0590864

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5 Lessons of a novice internet business owner


The hardest part of being in business for me is to find balance. Partly because I have to be extremely organized, which is not my cup of tea. I am the scatter brain creative type.
But as I worte in my blog about time management and computer tools that helped me, I am well on my way to get everything done.



and the technical tools which helped me


My biggest challenge is to make patterns, since I try out my patterns, it is a real time consuming affair. Every time I think I am done, something else gets into my creative head to improve and I go back to the drawing board.

The other very difficult thing for me- the internet novice- was to get this website going. This 5 minute installation took me 3 weeks to fool with, working 12 to 16 hours a day and STILL not everything works and is in place. However as always there were valuable lessons learned along the way:

1.Lesson: I am now more than ever committed to have a superb customer service. True, I can not refund patterns, because once a pattern is send out the person has the insight/the intellectual guideline they paid for in their possession to do with whatever they like and hopefully they will honor the work and effort it took to bring it to them.

Setting up this website, buying tools ( plugins, host service, blog format) to make it work has showed me that customer service is paramount NOT to annoy people. It is not done with just the sale of the goods, but one also needs to SUPPORTS what one sells. It doesn’t help the customer to HAVE the thing in hand, but now they need to also know what to do with it. May be I am the only dummy, who doesn’t know how plugins, sliders, themes…… work, but technology DOESN’T work like the logic of a human brain and humans need help and once you have bought something the maker totally understands what to do with it, but the customer not necessarily. So whoever buys a pattern from me and has a problem, I am here to explain it to the best of my ability.

2. Lesson: With a tangible item you buy  the seller tell you how long it will take to ship it to you. If we  pay for technical support, a patterns, a plugin, information….. anything intangible, it needs to BE what we have paid for. In other words, if I buy a website host, who are supposed to put my information out there for all to know, they should be able to perform, because there was an exchange of money for the service. Or else they should say from the start: It will take us 5 days for us to get it working. If I buy a theme, it should say up front  what all other things you need to buy to make it work. So for my pattern sales the lesson learned is: Give as much information up front, so the customer can know, if they have the skill to execute the pattern. Which now you have to allow me to figure out a system to make this possible for all my patterns (next thing I am working on).

3. Lesson: It is difficult to know WHO you are dealing with over the internet. The time of proper letter writing is over, where you say, “Hello So and so”, “Dear Sir” or ” To whom it concerns”. There is no “TONE ” on the internet communications. The smily faces and other icons need to be used to set the tone, which is another entire mess to learn for my old brain. I am sure, having so little knowledge, I annoy the heck out of people task questions about technical stuff. But they also annoy me, when they answer in terms I do not understand, making me feel EVERYBODY needs to know abbreviations, internet processes ect. So I am determined not to be impatient and judgmental with people who will not understand the first time around.

4. Lesson: My frustration level was sorely tested and found wanting. Here I am thinking I am such a “Mrs. Nice Guy”, being loving good kind, lovable gentle……. Yeah, right! I have decided to follow Jesus and I am miserable failing, almost throwing my laptop through the window, because after the 10 th time installing the theme it goes again: Your plugins do not support this theme, learn why by clicking here. Than you click and it says, “You have no access for support.” So my lesson: WAIT on the Lord and realize patience is a GIFT from the Holy Spirit and people have NOTHING to do with it.

5. Lesson: To always show gratitude, even when you deal with a computer, realizing there are people behind them. Even though I have not received the help I was hoping for, since my blog is STILL not the way it should be, I should be grateful for what I DO have: An awesome family, who backs me up and listens to my sorrows, even though they have NO understanding what I am doing, trying to accomplish or why I even bother. My daughter went way out of her way to deal with her frustrated mother and fix what she could for me, while my husband was nice enough to stop asking: ” Did you sell anything?”, even though he KNEW I was not even looking at the store.

6. Lesson: Hang in there and it will all fall into place. 100 years from now it doesn’t matter ANY, if the website works or not, but it matters how you have treated people, regardless if they are helpful and kind or not. It is our obligation  to love all people, even the ones that treat US like jerks.

So all in all I am very happy again to have learned valuable, eternal lessons and be more equipped to make a difference in this world for the better, even if I only touch very few people with my crochet ideas. be blessed , as I am.

If you please give me some feed back as to how to improve my website , I be so grateful!

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Pattern for Crochet Acorns and Fantastic Ways to Use Them

Great inspiration for Fall crochet by Squirrel Picnic:

Pattern for Crochet Acorns and Fantastic Ways to Use Them.

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Top 10 areas of human life


If we want to get a grip we need to understand which are the most areas where goal setting is appropriate. That is why I defined the top 10 areas  to concern ourselves with:

1. Personal health: body , soul and spirit

2. Immediate family: parents ( if single), husband/wife , children

3. Relationships: extended family, friends, coworkers

4. Environment: home, recreation, work

5. Hospitality: investing in other people, caring, volunteering

6. Accountability: responsibility, discipline

7. Provision: finances, assets, investments

8. Cultivation: meeting needs, being secure, being accepted

9. Productivity: service, engagement, usability

10. Preparation: understanding the temporary state of our existence on earth.

We are not expected to live in this complex world without guidance. I always get a chuckle out of modern science, especially Psychology, who “discovers” how people “tick”. I was watching some of Robbins clips on how he shocks people into “behaving” and getting a grip. Had they read their Bible and they would have not gotten into their predicaments in the first place. Each person has the same needs. It is not a secret how humanity works: ALL of us are separated from God our creator. That is why we have so many needs: We need love, we need to be secure, we need to be significant.

Religion with all it’s obligations can not meet that need. Only God can bring you to the point when you get the perspective on EVERY area of your life. And since God is not going to push, prod and badger you, because He is very much a gentleman. It is up to YOU to SEEK Him, spend time with Him, listen to what HE has to say. God is not your boss, He is your creator. You are your own boss and have the freedom to choose how to live your life. Whom Jesus sets free shall be free indeed. God’s principles work, our are limited by our knowledge. God wants to be our heavenly father, which means like an earthly father cares , loves and provides for his children, so God will take care of us. BUT as with an earthly father we have to live in the father’s house and obey the father’s rules, so the father can show the children the way to go. If we remove ourselves from God and His good laws, we hurt. It is that simple. This has nothing to do with religion. Religion dictates every thing what is good and acceptable according to what the Imam, the Priest or whoever they are want to get out of people. God, our creator, is not like that. God is NOT a Christian, nor does He prefer Christians over other people He created.

All areas of life are in balance if we live in the presence of God and have a relationship with Him. Having a relationship means one RELATES, INTERACTS, BELONGS.


I hope this helps you in balancing your life as you can evaluate the different areas of your life. Let me know, ow you are doing:


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Let’s do the math with cussing

images swearing-rage-smiley-emoticon youre-a-loser-smiley-emoticon cursing 

It has been said that cursing is the  linguistic crutch of the inarticulate mind.

In my option it is the mindless activity of an infantile mouth, BECAUSE many brilliant minded people curse themselves, others, their circumstances and their environment.

If you recall, God created this world with WORDS. Words are like everything else in this world: They are either good words or evil words. Words can build or tear down. ALL words create something in your mind, because all words have meaning. (See the end of this blog for the meaning of the word curse/cuss and blessings). They CAN’T be “moderate”, though they DO moderate what IS, describe circumstances , evoke moods and feelings……..

Think this through with me, would you?:

When do people cuss in general? (Yes, there are now living people, who can’t say one sentence without an extra cuss word attached. I do not talk about those now, I get to those later)

What are the reasons to cuss/curse?

All people like to get attention. Since their is only positive or negative attention, what people who curse instead of bless evoke on their life? Duh!

All people get frustrated.  Is it more helpful to alleviate frustration or heap more frustration to it by not pinpointing the source of the frustration?

All people have “stuff” happen to them. Is it better to dam the bad issue happening or bless the circumstances with good tidings?

Feelings evoke a response and if we feel bad, frustrated , overwhelmed we break out in cussing? Oh really? I guess than we are really in bad shape and our bad feeling outweigh the good feelings? We need to take a vacation, so we can still cuss some more because even in good times people cuss nowadays to make their overwhelming emotional points.

Modern Psychology – at least the kind Tony Robinson spreads- SHOCKS people into thinking positive thoughts. What a joke! It shocks, because people are NOT thinking MORE disaster when they are already down. They also do not expect educated people to talk garbage, yet our universities teach it. It is shocking, because all of us have a degree of conviction of right and wrong. That doesn’t mean it solves any problems on a permanent bases, though it makes for nice entertainment.

AND having said that: That is exactly where all that acceptable talk starts: in the entertainment industry. Media is the trendsetter of acceptable behavior and as byproduct we have a society that falls part.


The media takes the cussing acceptability all over the world and the new generation everywhere finds it acceptable in any religion, people group or culture.

WHY is it so acceptable? Because there is something mysterious  ” forbidden” about it that intrigues people. Oh, yeah they KNOW it is not beneficial, but they have to try it anyway to be cool, since Hollywood Star (idol) does it, or their sports hero (idol). I seem to remember God telling us not to have any idols before Him ( 1. commandment). mmmh


Now what about those people who can not even finish one sentence without a cuss word?

Just think!! Every cuss word takes at least 1/2 second to spout out. Some take about a second ( Phrases  like  What the f………), especially if the person is emphatic and pronounces them sloooowwwly.  One sentence takes about 1/2 minute in average. The average  person communicates approximately 4 hours a day.

Here is the math on that one:

4 hours= 240 Minutes ( how much average person talks)

1/2 Minute per sentence= 120 minutes ( average duration of a sentence)

120 minutes= 7200 seconds (some curses take that long)

7200 seconds = 3600 half seconds ( average time a curse is uttered)

3600 half seconds = 60 minutes which means 1 hour, correct. ( amazing!)

Now follow me to the end:

1 hour per day in a human lifespan of lets say 50 adult years, since babies do not ordinary cuss and cursers have damed their life so much that it is short anyway ( principle that occurs with cussing – damming something is not life giving)

So 1 hour a day in a 50 year life time = 18250 hours of cussing

18250 hours = 760 .4 days

760.4 days = 25. 3 months

So roughly people who cuss as a rule spend 2 years of their already shorten damed life in wasted activity. I bet they would LOVE those  2 years back at the end of their days on earth! Just think how many creative things they could have done in their lifetime, instead of wasting all that energy on heaping curses on themselves and other?

SOME people even type their excess cuss words in their face book posts, in their blogs, letters and e-mails, which also takes longer than 1/2 second, even for the fastest typer. mmmmh

Now here is another new psychological discovery:


I am not quoting from here, nor have I even read the entire article since I do not like to waste my time, but it is interesting how cursing is acceptable behavior for parents, because ………. studies show ( hahaha) :


I will write blogs, if God is willing,  on what is going on in our society about raising children, but for right now think out loud  with me:

What is the role-model we give to our children to waste our time NOT to bless our children? Would it not frustrate children more to have a parent , who is “loosing it” ever so often and is not in control of the situation? Will that evoke trust? Will it further honor and respect for the parents? Of course not. Yet, we NEED to have parents being honored and respected all our lives so we maintain stability of character , accountability and responsibility to further society ( generations).

Now will it make us perfect people , if we do not cuss? Of course not and we all slip at times, especially since we often speak out of the abundance of a corrupted selfish heart. I was raised atheist and grew up with much superlative cussing. I am even accused of cussing, when I give descriptive words> Example: An unfaithful wife and negligent mother is a bitch (female dog). That is not cussing, that is the description of a behavior. Same as  asshole is a short description of someone who has nothing but waste-product coming out of every opening of his body (like people who curse with their mouth). Like I said : Words have meaning and we are free to speak in a descriptive manner. But now we get into a matter of judgment, which I addressed in an other blog.

Since this all is such a negative  matter for a little blog and I really prefer to write to cheer people up, I will end with a funny fictitious joke:

Nothing like a Ford Truck.( take it or leave it)
New Truck built by a company we didn’t bail out…
I bought a new Ford F250 Tri-Flex Fuel Truck. Go figure– it runs on either hydrogen, gasoline, or E85.
I returned it to the dealer yesterday because I couldn’t get the radio to work. The service technician explained that the radio was voice activated.Nelson”,  the technician said to the radio.The radio replied,Ricky or Willie? “

Willie! ” he continued and  On The Road Again came from the speakers.Then he said,

Ray Charles! “, and in an instant
Georgia On My Mind replaced Willie Nelson.I drove away happy, and for the next few days, every time I’d say,

Beethoven”,  I’d get beautiful classical music, and if I said,Beatles”,   I’d get one of their awesome songs.Yesterday, some guy ran a red light and nearly creamed my new truck, but I swerved in time to avoid him.

I yelled, 
Ass Hole! “
Immediately the radio responded with, Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.”

Appendix for the explanation of the words I was talking about: curse/cuss/blessing


noun \ˈkərs\

Definition of CURSE

: a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon one: imprecation
: something that is cursed or accursed
: evil or misfortune that comes as if in response to imprecation or as retribution
: a cause of great harm or misfortune : torment
: menstruation —used with the

Examples of CURSE

  1. I heard him utter a curse before the microphone was shut off.
  2. The witch pronounced a curse in some strange language.
  3. People believe that someone put a curse on the house.
  4. His fame turned out to be a curse, not a blessing.

Origin of CURSE

Middle English curs, from Old English

First Known Use: before 12th century

Related to CURSE

Rhymes with CURSE




Definition of CURSE

transitive verb
: to use profanely insolent language against : blaspheme<curse God and die — Job 2:9(REB)>
a : to call upon divine or supernatural power to send injury upon <was cursed and fears he will die>

b : to execrate in fervent and often profane terms <cursedby future generations unless we act now>

: to bring great evil upon : afflict <a land cursed with famine>
intransitive verb
: to utter imprecations : swear <cursing loudly>

Examples of CURSE

  1. He cursed himself for being so careless.
  2. She cursed her bad luck.
  3. In the book the evil witch curses the villagers.

First Known Use of CURSE

before 12th century

Related to CURSE

anathematizebeshrew [archaic], imprecatemaledict


 noun \ˈkəs\

Definition of CUSS

a : curse 1

b : curse 2

: fellow 4c

Examples of CUSS

  1. <a man who has never uttered a single cuss>

Origin of CUSS

alteration of curse

First Known Use: 1771

Rhymes with CUSS




Definition of CUSS

transitive verb
: curse —often used with out <got cussed out by his boss>
intransitive verb
— cuss·er noun

Examples of CUSS

  1. She started to yell and cuss as soon as she saw him.
  2. <the little girl clapped her hands over her ears when her brother started cussing>

First Known Use of CUSS


Related to CUSS


Next Word in the Dictionary: cussed
Previous Word in the Dictionary: cuspule
All Words Near: cuss


 transitive verb \ˈbles\

blessed  also blest  bless·ing

Definition of BLESS

: to hallow or consecrate by religious rite or word
: to hallow with the sign of the cross
: to invoke divine care for <bless your heart> —used in the phrase bless you to wish good health especially to one who has just sneezed
a : praiseglorify <bless his holy name>

b : to speak well of : approve

: to confer prosperity or happiness upon
archaic : protectpreserve
: endowfavor <blessed with athletic ability>

Examples of BLESS

  1. The priest blessed their marriage at the wedding.
  2. The water for the baptism has been blessed.
  3. The priest blessed the baby I held in my arms.

Origin of BLESS

Middle English, from Old English blētsian, from blōd blood; from the use of blood in consecration

First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Christian Religious Terms

Rhymes with BLESS

The end:

Though I very seldom quote the Bible let me end with this:

The words we use say a lot about what is in our hearts. Philippians 4:8says, “Whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things”  As we think about what’s right and pure, cuss words just don’t cut it.

What do YOU have to say?

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Checking gauge

<img src=”http://patternstriedandtrue.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/crochet_patterns_Oct2-300×199.jpg” alt=”crochet_patterns_Oct2″ width=”300″ height=”199″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-2745″ />
To me checking gauge is a necessary nuisance. You can have thing work out and fit , if you do not check your gauge. But if something doesn’t have to fit, I be darn to waste my time make a gauge. Of course I sometimes learn my lesson in having to redo it, because hindsight is 20/20 and I am often too big for my bridges.

BUT inventive as I am I do not waste my gauge swatches. The actually have my time and yarn invested. What I do is I make them all 4″ by 4″ regardless what the pattern recommends. I have a good base to measure the gauge with that size.
I save all the swatches, regardless of yarn, color or pattern. Within a year of crochet I have enough gauge swatches to make an Afghan that turn out kind of like a crazy quilt. I use a neutral yarn for a background or to crochet the gauge swatches together and make it any size I want. I love the no sew , no crochet together technique I feature in my afghan:


One can also use the gauge swatches to make pocket books, pillows or coverlets. No sense of throwing all that nice work away.

Please tell us your good ideas, so we can learn from each other.

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Bad Social Habits 2

Bad Social Habits 2.

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Knitted scarf

Is this a cool color combination or what???Knitted scarf.

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Top 5 Insights About the Rise of Content

Top 5 Insights About the Rise of Content.

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Top 5 Insights About the Rise of Content

Top 5 Insights About the Rise of Content.

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4 interesting things to know about color


This image (when viewed in full size, 1000 pix...










1. Color makes people react

If you know your colors and how they “react” to your customers, you can  “program” their reaction in certain ways, at least give them a “nudge” to engage with your brand or product.

English: Blue-Green Eye

2. Color is the prime factor for visual stimulation.

Interestingly enough color (visual stimulation) is predominant in decision making, Secondary is taste and texture ( feel), thirdly convenience.

3. Color changes people’s behavior:

According to an article I read ( sorry I can’t remember where, just took some notes)

Orange ,  denim blue and black gives your the most feeling

Teal, dark blue makes you most sensible.

Pink, light blue, rose, puts you at ease

Red puts you on the alert and tingles you nerves.

Yellow and green makes you mellow, comfortable and relaxed.

4. Color conveys moods.



conveys optimism, freshness, youthfulness, it grabs your attention, it wants you to have the IT. Relates to envy and strife, competition.

Red :

Want to draw immediate attention? Red is the answer for you.

Energy, increases urgency, alertness, excitement,demand attention. That is why you see it often on clearance tags, stop signs. It also is a festive color cross cultural.


implies trust, security, hopefulness, truthfulness, confidence. Great color if you are a stockbroker, a bank or a business that wants people to think they are dependable.


is associated with wealth ( money), comfort, guidance, relaxes and makes you at ease to tarry a while, since it is easy on your eyes, but also grabs attention, used effectively in street signs. Green color has to be very carefully toned, because a wrong green can ruin everything. never put 2 green tones of opposition together, like a blue green with a yellow green.


is an aggressive color, call to action, demands, dictates, orders.


feminine , romantic, playful, native, fun, beauty. used to market to women and young girls, because it is inviting and simulation.


luxurious, spectacular, formal, revels a lavish status, spoiling the spoiled, intriguing, sensual, males prefer black


soothing, calm, practical,youthful ,  novel, nobility or royalty, regality, mature femininity and informed, but also a little pushy when too bright and flashy


comfortable, relaxed, laid back, wholesome, inviting,




Knowing this about color  can make all the difference how  your product is recieved by the consumer. As designer or salesperson you can capitalize on those facts to bring your desired results about.

For instance:

Paypal logo is blue, which supposed to evoke trust.

Add to cart buttons are mostly yellow to prompt you to want to have it.  I experiment right now with orange. Etsy has their add to cart button in green to put customers at ease.

Sales offers are red:  Sticks out above the rest of the merchandise.


Think about how color could enhances your product, help your customers decide what they want.



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Am I a good person?


So many people doubt themselves in their busy lives chasing from here to there, being influenced by so many conflicting ideas. The media serves us a bill of goods that changes from day to day with the latest scientific discoveries in health, foods, fitness……….

People do not know if they are coming or going, should they change or stay away from which stuff. Does it harm or hurt to be informed? Will I get cancer, if I eat this or will I have cancer if I do not eat this?

Am I a good mother, a good employee, a good housekeeper, a good boss?

And than the all commercial catch come on: YOU DESERVE such and such. And if you do not have this and that, you are missing out in life.

So what to make of it? Who is to judge what is good and what is not?

ARE you a good person? mmmh. I can see you trying hard, I can tell you are applying yourself to the best ability. You are defiantly not as bad as most people. After all you do do things bad people do.

But than there are religious people, who have it all together:


And than you have the genuine nice people:


What is missing here? Where are the rules for good and bad? Where is the cut off?

You know what Jesus said? He said only God is good ( Luke 18:19 and other places). So what does that make you and me?  If ONLY God is good, evidently we are not so very good as we might have thought, since ultimately God’s opinion will count in the resurrection of the dead on judgment day. As long as we have life, there is something we can do about that:

We can get right with God and accept the GOOD and PERFECT sacrifice God made for us. If you need help you can contact me any time.

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He is all I need!

He is all I need!

When we have Jesus, we have EVERYTHING

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Back to school crochet

Book marks , grippers, pencil cases







Back packs









Money purses








and of course  scarfs

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 4.39.10 AM


hats of all kinds of accessories like that.

Of course you can buy it already finished made, but where is the fun and gratification in doing that?


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So … Crochet or Knitting?

I am very interested in your comments:

UK Crochet Patterns

Our good friend Judit from MonsterYarns.co.uk is going to start you off:

So which came first – chicken or the egg? What has that to do with knitting or

crochet, I hear you wonder. Well, literally everything. Since the beginning of time man has been mulling over the chicken and egg question. And crafters have been debating the thorny issue of whether crochet or knitting is the superior art form for an equally long time. So in my mind, the two debates are inter-linked. When one answer is found, the other will magically also be answered. However, in the meanwhile, this is my take on it.

I shan’t try to teach any of you to suck eggs [haha] by stepping you through the obvious technical differences but a neat list of pros and cons I hope will start the yarn rolling nicely.


  • There is one hook.
  • There is one…

View original post 528 more words

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Is time management a balancing act for you?


Do you wish you could get off your busy roller coaster?

Are you tired of the to do lists at home at work and everywhere?

Are people draining you, instead of encouraging you?

Are you disappointed in people, who should love and support you?

Are you out of shape physically, mentally and spiritually?


Guess what: You are not alone. 95% of the adult world population is right there with you. The 5 % who are not are too old to care. hahaha  No, this is not a accurate statistic. I made that up.

Honest wherever I go, I hear the time crunch blues. I hear the cry of people’s heart to be better parents, better friends, better, spouses,better stewards of their resources…… but nobody takes the time to work towards their goals, priorities their lives, detach themselves from their impulses. Most people do not even HAVE goals and just drift on the Hollywood movie clouds of emotions.  They are too overwhelmed with making ends meet to fit into the American life style and wonder how all these movies stars do it in their perfect bodies, living in their immaculate homes driving the clean cars with their happy children by their side. Folks, we all only cook with water!!! Humanity is all alike, no matter what status quo you are trying to live.

May I make a suggestion: The heck with your expectations of what is acceptable middle class American life style. So what if your grass is not mowed , your kids are not enrolled in all the seasonable sports groups, your hairdresser has appointments open for your haircut,………. Live a little and chill out! Take the pressure of your live by dumping your expectations.

I am not suggesting not to be disciplined. I am saying it is ok not to fit in THEIR expectations. Set your OWN priorities and enjoy living. Don’t live the way you are expected to, but live they way it makes sense and go back to the basics of life: Family, Fun and Freedom! That is what God says to do. Enjoy the finances you have and be a good steward of your time and money. That is very liberating right there.

It is so easy to get a grip, if you would just drop everything and allow God to show you priorities, let Him encourage you and set you on the right track. He is your provider, since without Him, you don’t even have basics like food, health and family. You are important to God. He wants you to thrive, succeed and be happy in this hurting world. Remember: When God created the world He considered everything GOOD that He has made. This world we live in is not at all the way God created the world to be. We have hurts and messes to deal with on a constant basis. God calls it “sin”. And sin causes death. So we need a balance, since none of us come out of this world alive.

To get balance we need priorities and since you are important to God, He would suggested that you take care of your health first , your family second and than everything gets done after that.

Don’t worry about your job, your house, your car, your stereo…….. God knows you live in the year 2013 and knows very well you have bills to pay. If you put God first in your life, I promise you you will NEVER lack any good thing. I am the living testimony to that fact.

In future blogs I will write a long the lines how to manage everything to help you evaluate  your “balancing act”. In the mean time, you can contact me, if I can help you with something:

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Here is an excellent article on E-mail management


Of course he endorses Evernote, which is an awesome program for everybody, except for me, who lost 18 month worth of research. My brother in Germany lost the diary pages  from when his wife died in Evernote, BUT Evernote Gurus got it back through some complicated steps taken through his Apple library. My 1000 + notes they could not help recover.


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Time management tools I use and don’t use.



Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Nindendo DS - Asus EEE - Mac Book

I have a computer since  3 years. My husband finally allowed internet at home and gave me a computer for my 57th birthday. But before that I used my Hotmail e-mail for my writing a book for my grandchildren at the library. I just send the text to myself and it is kept save…… way before Apple invented Icloud.

BUT it was  not easy to convert my e-mail essays into pages, I drove the Apple geniuses crazy asking for help.

No I have a Mac book and do my patterns on it. My favorite browser is Safari and I bookmark everything I need to read today on my bookmark bar in my reader. Sad to say I often dump things, because I do not have time to get back to it.

When I get an idea I write it down on a sticky or if I do not have time to write i speak it while I am doing something else on an audio-note-pad  which I keep in my desktop until it is properly processed.

By processed I mean: Put in a folders. If it is a craft idea it goes in to my folder idea folder. If it is a quote or saying or joke, it goes into the receptive folders. If it is a proverb, encouragement or saying I make up, I try to publish it with: http://en.thinkexist.com  so that may be when I am dead, someone attribute those saying to me instead of Winston Churchill. hahaha

When I was reading Quran and studied Islamic University of Saudi Arabia, I put all my notes in Evernote, which POOPF – was gone with my MacLion upgrade. So ever since than I rather forever forget about Evernote and make a back up of my URLs and keep it in I cloud. I trust Apple. They have never lost anything of mine, gave me back my address book with over 500 addresses after I so foolishly done away with it in my clicking enthusiasm. I tell you the Computer guys called Geniuses in Towson , MD” loved “to see me coming, when I first got my computer. I asked every question in the book and these poor fellows would have rather swam across the Atlantic than you make clear to my old head what it means to operate a simple Apple computer. I made many friends though and much prayer was answered for those guys: First I learned to do things by myself and second a lot of personal prayer, because I always took interest in their lives as they invested their time and themselves into mine.

Mental case is a great app to organize things, that you have to repeatedly look at. I have my stitch guide on it, my prayer list and I learn Spanish with it, where by Spanish has a back burner lately.

The Application Procrastinate is great , because it is a to do list that you can break down in smaller tasks. You have a task, that you can schedule according to priority way in advance. It really helped me to organize my work room, because I have so many supplies to create things , that it would have lasted me a life time just to paint projects.

And than of course my all time favorite Pages . I make a sillion templates for everything that is important to me: crochet patterns of course, but also time sheets for scheduling, idea organizers according to priority, note paper with pretty patterns.

Yes, ever since I started this pattern business I live on the computer, but I think once I learned what there is to know, life gets better again. Many applications took back burner since I started the business: DayOne , diary is great, but it never gets opened, since I have no time to write a diary. Reader Notifier is wonderful to keep up with blogs others write and I love to read them, but have so very little time at the moment.

One gray time saver: I have NO cell phone, which really simplifies my life and I can get more done. My husband constantly wants to push one on me. Says in case I break down with my old car, which really is a miracle on 4 wheels. But prayer still works better than 911 or waiting for a tow truck. Just think: Lewis and Clark never had a cell phone and they made it. Fact seems to me they had more time than we do with all that technology.

I also have  Olive Tree Bible app, which I love. But for some reason I get more out of my daily bible reading in my paper Bible than when I use Olive Tree. I get too side tracked with all the cool stuff that I can discover and learn as I use the different concordances and dictionaries. I do not use commentaries, because it doesn’t matter to me ,what God showed other people. It is only relevant to me, what I am supposed to do.

One thing that has helped me tremendously with my time management: When I write a blog, or work on a pattern, which I write down the steps I take as I crochet, I go to the guest account of my computer , where I have NO internet access, e-mail, face time, Skype….. NOTHING!  I use Google Chrome browser on that one, but nothing is bookmarked, only my one e-mail to send myself the documents I am working on. That way I have NO interruptions and get things done because I can keep my train of thoughts and stay on task.

So this is the stuff that works for me to mange my time and use every bit I got available. The most important time management is: CHOOSE this day, whom you will serve. HE makes time stretch awesome, so your life is not wasted.


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Time management Part 2


Poor time management creates stress, guilt, fear, overwhelming deadlines….

And all because…….

What? Lack of management abilities. You don’t have to look at me like that- I have them too, especially opened up my new crochet pattern business  my days are not long enough to accommodate all the computer learning I need to do, the bunny trails modern media marketer chase me on, the 200 + e-mails I get per day….. BUT we can make every minute count by being organized in space and time, streamline what comes at us and efficiently make the best of each day.

You can skip the next paragraph about what I do and keep muddling along your way, though the next paragraph it where I get most on my insights:

This is how I cope perfectly well: I stop doing everything and praise God, read my Bible for as long as I get the right idea and than I hit the floor running. BUT I run on God’s speed. Yeah, I hear you, you follow some religion and do not have a clue what I am talking about, when I say such thing. But you could take the time to learn who God is, especially since your BUSINESS, YOUR RESOURCES and your eternity depends on it.

Even if you do not know God, first thing to do is get a grip, set a goal and PLAN the sections of the day you spend on what.

Since we all know our time is limited , same as our money is limited it is time (pun) to manage it, instead of it managing us.

1. Be proactive. DON’T be reactive towards your work flow, meaning: No loss of control, so what all your face book friends need advice, e-mails flooding in, telephone rings…. Your dog know his schedule, so can you. Schedule certain times a day when you answer, call back and post important thing, but stop allowing the in box dictate your life.

2. Observe yourself, how you work and what works for you. EVALUATE priorities and group them into categories: hygiene and health time, creative time, chore time, fun time, work (if you have to) time, eating time, business time – like banking, writing letter, and here is what people overlook in our age: time to invest into other people – like building someone up, encouraging, helping. For example my daughter volunteers at a food pantry. If we do not invest out time in others, we do not really live a healthy life.

3.Make a list of tasks you need to get done, not just a to do list. But a list of things that you want to get done INCLUDING to how to get there in planing increments. That will help you to establish a routine. As your body dictates you to go to the bathroom, so certain things need to get done every day- no fail! There is a process involved HOW you get it done. For instance I have to be really motivated to clean, but once I start I want to get the whole house done — not possible time wise.

4. Develop a routine for a daily basis , a weekly basis and a monthly basis. That will loosen up your emotions, because you can estimate that all those long range tasks will be done eventually and you are cool with it. Even IF they fall out of the schedule, you can always know you catch up the next week, the next month.

5. Now this is very important: Check WHY you are apprehensive to NOT manage your time. Is it insecurity, fear, selfishness, carelessness, indifference. lack of accountability………..?

6. Use the time you drive to and from to clear your mind ( I talk to God and He to me uninterrupted). Use other moments of waiting around for someone or something to check your task list, create something  new, brainstorm your next step (I never have a dull moment, because life is very short).

7. BEFORE you spend any time on anything, evaluate what you want to get out of it: In other words, if you spend money, you know what you are purchasing. Same thing with time: In my case ( and I DO flop sometimes as we all do) I design crochet items. I have an item in mind, estimate how much time it will take and divide my day accordingly. Some items take a week spending 8 hours a day, some take 4 hours and I am done. Grocery shopping: Takes no longer than 30 minutes in my case, if I ever make it to any store, because I was too busy. Shopping is ALWAYS at the end of my priority list. Customers first. That is what I mean by evaluating how you spend your time on what: You might put high value on shopping time,  high value on family and friends time. All activity has a value connected with it.

8. Goal setting: Many people have a goal and a vision or whatever you call it. I think that is great, because you have to aim at something. However break goals down in sizable steps that are stepped towards daily and not just have the general goal in mind. Example: You want to become a millionaire is your goal. Realize you need to have income to reinvest every day to make it grow. It is not enough to sit it in the stock market and wait. You have to be steadily keeping track that you are increasing you funds daily.

Or another example: Your goal is to have terrific children. they don’t just happen. Every day you take a deliberate step towards their education.

If you don’t do those daily increments your best goal is only remaining an illusion.

If you get all these things straight and be 60 years old as I am you can say: I do not have any regrets. Some people my age always say: “I wish I would have”, “I wish I could have”, ” I should have….”.

When my time on earth is up  all I can say: ” That was fun! Thank you God for getting me out of here.”

Tomorrow  I will tell you what Apps I use to stay ahead in my planing of my time. Until than.

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Time management Part 1


I have extensively written – mainly for my grandchildren about money management.  We have another asset that is just as good as money: Time!

Yes, time is the best resource especially for young people, since most young people do not HAVE that much money. BUT they can convert their time into something very valuable such as money, moral, ethic or value.

This is what I wrote for my grandchildren pertaining time:

We all are given time to live on this earth. When it comes right down to it, time is your biggest asset, since at your age you don’t have a whole lot of other riches.

Most people on earth define time as something indefinite, going on and on, but for us believers, the time on earth is very short and ends with separation from earth by death. As I said in the chapter about heaven: After we are with Jesus, there are things, we can never do again, but are very important to God. One day we will stand before God and our time on earth is up.

God is time less, He always was and He always will be.   2 Peter 3:8 tells us:

But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 

God doesn’t measure time our way, since He has all the time in the world, but to us time is very valuable, because it is limited. Any time something is limited it makes it more precious to have it: privileges, money, gold, grandchildren, resources…..

God wants us to share in His “super natural time”, which is His Word. We can read it and it will never pass away. If you put God’s Word first, you will find you have all the time you want to get your projects done. Try it out, start every morning with Bible reading and prayer. You will be surprised at the end of the day, how much you could accomplish.

To me time is an earthy currency. You exchange it to either glorify the Lord and store treasures up in Heaven or waist it for wood hay and stubble. Like money, one can spend time only once.

What is time? Time is a period with limits when viewed outside of the supernatural. In the natural, it can be seen like sand sifting through one’s hands or an hour glass as it ebbs away. Time can be to do something in the correct or same rhythm as someone else. It is doing something at a speed or pace which feels natural. God wants you to see time in relation to doing things, like an exchange. The time we experience we should measure with the supernatural time. In other words God wants the natural time to be supernatural, for that is the place where He deposits revelation and understanding of things once hidden, but now revealed into the hearts of man…a place where time is changed from natural to supernatural. He redeems time and so should we. If this is too complicated for you to understand, please pray and ask God to show you. It certainly is hard to explain:

God will release to you some eternal perspectives and answers for your life that have already happened in His heart. He will give them to you. He will pour them into your hands. He will fill the hour glass of your life with things long hidden. He will open up a portal of understanding and vision that you might continue to march in the rhythm of His heart for your life and the lives of those you love. All God needs is for you to listen and agree. When you do this, the natural time you are experiencing will be saturated with eternal perspective having the power to transform and change. Are you ready to forsake the temporal and set your eyes on heavenly things to get the truth?

It says in 2 Corinthians 4:18 “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. And in Colossians 3:2-3 says: “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”

Open your mind to God…give Him all the limitations of your hour glass and see what He will do. Open up and be filled with eternal perspective: Believe Jesus!

How do we do that? Well, we could become a millionaire, or a movie star, or a wife/husband or a politician or whatever else. The main thing to keep in mind: you exchange your time for something.

I suggest time is well spend in learning facts, service to God and relaxation like meditating, pondering. God wants us to set a whole day aside (Sabbath) to spend with Him to do exactly that: meditate, learn and ponder.

How do you get to know facts? From the Encyclopedia. Don’t think you get informed from newspaper or other media. Most of that information is very biased and you really have to discern issues prayerfully.

If God made you a kinetic learner (meaning learning by doing), you might want to spend time to take stuff apart, to see how it works: like a computer, or the wash machine or create something like: crochet a blanket, sew a pillow, paint a picture or whatever else someone could use.

If you learn by hearing, listen to inspiring music, Bible on tape, biographies, and stuff that edifies.

If you learn by seeing, take walks and look around you. Discover your world and look up things in the encyclopedia. Be aware of Wikipedia, that is often people’s view and not God’s facts.

Don’t desensitize your human spirit with TV shows and movies. Sure it is interesting to see, how people cook or decorate, how they built a house or fix their plumbing. Yes it will give you many good ideas, which will probably go to the procrastination pile of new projects. In the end all that is vanity. The more you watch crazy or violent movies, the less it bothers you that there is a hurting world out there going to pot without God’s hands and feet (you). Soon you will see ugliness and distortion as normal.

Only what is done for Christ will last. Invest your time in people. Meditate on God’s Word. He will show you what to do and the result will be tangible and productive. Use technology, that gives you the ability to stretch your time somewhat.

Practice your talents and abilities, use the gifts God put in you to accomplish things. That will take time to get your skills perfected. One cannot expect to be a master at everything, just because of the first try. Be diligent and you get better with every try! Don’t waste your time look to others and what they do. God gave you your own creativity and gifts. No need to watch movies and play games. God will give you plenty of time to play games and all other stuff you like to do, if you put Him first. Life is too short. Ask a 90 year old person, what they did with their time and how fast it went, most of it without being meaningful. 90 year olds have spend their time and will never get it back, no matter how many “should haves” and “would haves” their could have been.

Please wait for tomorrows second part on time management when I will address more tangible matters and let me know what you think.


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5. Evidence for God – Design Is Best Argument for God – Simple

Simple is always best! people complicate their lives with religion, work, worry……… Keep it simple! trust the maker of the Universe! He knows His stuff!

Bible-Science Guy

Do these statements make sense to you?
A book means there was an author.
A painting means there was an artist.
A computer program means there was a programmer.

These examples illustrate the Argument from Design: a design implies a designer.

If asked for evidence of God’s existence, I would start with the Argument from Design. A video of a well-known creationist debater inadequately answering this question from a sixth-grade atheist stimulated this Evidence for God series.

The Argument from Design is the best argument to give when asked for evidence of God. I have 3 reasons for making this best argument claim:
1. The Argument from Design is Simple
2. The Argument from Design is Logical (see next blog post)
3. The Argument from Design is Biblical (see next-plus-one blog post)

1. Design is a Simple Argument

The Argument from Design is simple, clear, and…

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When we create………….How easily you get intimidated?

Confession time!

When I first got the idea about showing my grandchildren that it is possible to make something out of nothing, I was full of enthusiasm, ideas , innovation and DRIVE. Oh man I was all set to knock ’em dead! After all I have experience in business, know how to use my resources, am very fast at creating and God is on my side, since He is saying that we have His support in doing any good thing.

I determined crochet is what is most versatile and worthwhile to pursue. I crochet and knitted all my life and many of my creation people found appealing and gave me compliments on it.

So nothing to it. I can do it!

And than I opened an Etsy store and started to look around finding all kinds of neat stuff. But not only was I finding great art: As I was looking around at all that talent, I kind of was looking at myself and my talents. Dang, I am not at all as good as THEY are. They really have it together and look they have oodles of sales, they have awesome color combination, so unusual stitches and such a wide selection. The owners have personality, class and are absolutely marvelous at what they do! And than there is puny little me………..

I told the Lord, that was NOT a good idea to put myself out there like that, especially since I have no earthly support, encouragement and someone physical to cheer me on, hold me accountable or help me to make it work.

Booo Booo , poor me.   Ok, let’s forget this whole thing, because I will never be as good as them.


But wait a minute! I do have something to contribute, if God calls me to do this!

I do not HAVE to prove, I am good, capable and terrific! All I have to do is be obedient to my calling and true to myself!

I HAVE to contribute something that NObody else can and that is my personal self, my taste, my creativity, my heart. That is LOVE , when you share.

Yes, we face rejection, oh yes, I experienced people stealing my patterns right away. I got feed back from a woman , who was bound and determined to close me down immediately. I heard people to say stuff like: She doesn’t have any selection. Is that all she can do? Internet customers…… I have no idea what they are thinking, because most of them never say one way or the other, though I put out polls, tried to make contact: Nothing!


Listen: We HAVE to contribute, create and make people happy. You have something to GIVE, when you create something from your heart to your customer. If you do not create  something you like, people miss the opportunity to be blessed and touched by you. That is very IMPORTANT. Just think if nobody ever would try anything?!? NOTHING would get done! Nothing would get designed! Nothing would get invented!images-1

So this is what I like to do: Set a goal, like make one thing a week. Get a cheer group to show it to and you will be surprised how much it will help you to produce something really beautiful! Many times when I made something, especially when I was painting for a living, I was less than thrilled with what I made. Mostly because that when I started I visualized it to be different. The rubber met the road if it was ugly or not, if it sold. If someone bought it, it must be something worthwhile. So HOW can you KNOW if your creation is any good, if you do not offer it to the market? You CAN’T. And if it doesn’t sell, than it might not be that nobody likes it, but that it is not marketed properly. So strengthen your resolution and keep on keeping on!

And know this: GOD will always cheer you on. Sing praise music, because God inhabits the praises of His people:

Now this is what I like to do:  I like to feature different Etsy shops, blogs and websites on my blog. Even if you made only ONE item, I like to feature it and put it out here, so all can see. You get exposure and we can network together. Use the contact form below and do not be shy to show the world how awesome you are!




Another thing to consider: THEM, is not you! Not all people have all talent. Some are only talented in one or two aspects of an art. NONE of us is good at everything. Sure when we look all that talent, we thing we do not measure up. BUT if we are only good at ONE thing, that is totally enough! Ford build only one car, Edison invented only ONE lightbulb, Bell only one telephone and it was kind of crackley. Yeah, what if they never continued after their first attempt? Exactly and that is where you are! At the beginning of something beautiful!

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Friday Favorites: The Art of Kitschy Crochet

You see: I told you before you can crochet ANYTHING!

Kitschy crochet is an artform in itself.  Some say it’s in bad taste, ugly, or WTF is that??   But crochet doesn’t have to be so “serious” all of the time does it?   😀

…and on that note, have a wonderful and crafty weekend everybody! 😀

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When we create…….

You know why creating something is so wonderful awesome???bld177906

In creating we draw on our IMAGINATION and not from our memory. We create things BY FAITH, not that we already have obtained, but we are looking FORWARD for the thing to come….the finished project.

EXACTLY that is what makes creating, in my case right now crocheting, exciting.

Even if our creation does not turn out exactly as we envisioned it, we are STILL better of than when we ho-humming in our memories.


Creating energizes us, invigorates and we have something to look forward to.

Here are the ingredients you need to create :

1. Imagination, ideas,

2. determination, drive to carry it out,

3. reinvention of time, because you WILL find time to make it come about

4. matter, material, supplies

and you are in business!

It all just flows out of you. (In my case it drizzles, since I write patterns down while I am creating — much longer process)

Would you like to know the driving force about creating? You want to see WHY we are so creative: We have a creator, who created us in HIS image. He made us like Himself in body , soul and spirit: The body makes the actual product, the soul designs , contemplates and figures out, the spirit initiates the original idea.

Our creator provided the MATTER/MATERIAL for us to use. The Bible say without HIM, we can do nothing and that is exactly right. Only HE can create some thing from nothing, we ALWAYS need raw materials.

In making, creating, manufacturing  something we are VERY close to God and are DOING exactly what He does best: creating …. making more people…. making problems go away…. making a way where there is no way……

He is CONSTANTLY making and it gives Him joy the same way it gives us joy, when we KNOW what God is up to in our lives. That is called having a relationship with HIM. He lets us know what to do when, if we read our Bible.


God loves team work and I am soooooo glad Jesus is on my team.

You say: “That’s crazy!”. You are right, I think so too, but never the less it is true and the concept of creation is confirmed in nature and in the Bible.

Happy creating to you! It will make you awesome!

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Money management Part 6


One other observation about money: The economy is always up and down, but if you are in the center of God’s will, you are content and happy. During my lifetime, we always had enough. As the recessions came and the shortage of this and that, we were never really affected, because we always paid our bills and prioritized to take care of what we needed. In other words paid the essentials first and than the wants. God saw fit to give us extra, so we could share it with others. We are truly blessed, because our help always comes from the Lord. Our paycheck is always enough. If I want to do something according to the American lifestyle, like remodel or clothes myself, I pray before I go do it and guess what: To my surprise, God gives me generously, more than I ever expected to match just perfectly! In all things I can give thanks, because He has better taste, than I ever had!

And when Opa ( my husband) got too sick to work, we STILL never lacked anything. God saw to it that Joy could graduate from the  private school where our other kids graduated from, because God provided for the $900 per month school bill, the transportation to take her there one hour ride each way.

The amount of money a person owns is not any reflection of who a person is. God is no respecter of person and loves everyone equally (2 Chronicles 19:7) Let the fear of the Lord be upon you; take heed and do it: for there is no iniquity with the LORD our God, nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts. So don’t be “impressed” with riches. Jesus was not (Luke 7). God gives and takes away (69 verses in the Bible how God gives and takes away).  Money gives people certain power, but not any power beyond God’s reach. Very few people on this earth God can trust to understand, value and handle money. Most people, when they get wealthy change their character: get nasty, cruel, selfish, mean, harsh, totally taken with themselves, convinced that God has blessed them and their ways. That is not God’s intent, but He knows very well, money is not beneficial for most people. Again there are more than 28 Bible verses that tell you about rich and poor relations. That does not mean God prefers people to be poor, but the verses show, it is more important to be right with God, than to be rich or poor. God’s value system is different from the value system of a cursed world. God uses money and resources for HIS pleasure, since He owns the whole world, it is not a big deal to him. His “big deal” is the devotion of His children. He is a very generous Father and generously rewards those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews.11:6), but not those who diligently seek His cash. Many preachers take the “health and wealth” approach to line their own pockets -no offense- and do the Gospel a great disservice, because when the expected “monetary blessings” not appear, people will say: “But I followed the preachers advise and nothing happened! There is no God, or God is dead.” They are blaming God instead of a wealthy preacher.

Don’t compare what you have with what others have, because you have all you need and they have all they need. If you need something else: Ask God. If you see someone in need give generously as God prompts you to give. Live is  simple, when it comes to money.

What about investments? Seek God! You really never need any earthly investments, because God will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). Your best investments are in the kingdom of God, which might mean to save your money for that day, when God tells you to give it all. Be willing.

Another important factor about spending money:

Please realize when you pay with something with the cash money you earn, it gives you a visual picture of your effort of the item you spend it on. In other words: You have a visual exchange, which helps you brain associate the deed of the transaction. People who pay with a debit or credit card are most likely to spend app. 30% more money, because it is easy to spend, not counting money out, just fork it over. When you spend money make sure you get value for value, meaning have the item you spend it on be worth the labor you put in it.

I am sure there is much more to say about money than I explained in this series, but I am sick and tired of even thinking about any money, since it is not at all relevant to my life. My definition of success is to live in the center of God’s will and having met so many poor wealthy people, who actually sought my advise in what to do in different matters, shows me that 1. money doesn’t come with brains, 2. money doesn’t make people happy. 3. most important things in life can not be bought with money.

So why bother to strife for it?

The end.

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Money management Part 5 How to spend your money


Please learn about finances all you can. There are many good resources available: Dave Ramsey Blake, Ron Blue………….. all have much insight in biblical based management of finances.

We did not have those resources when we raised our children, but here is a rule of thumb: 10% tithe to spread the gospel. 40% instant spending, 50% saving. If you want to make a large purchase, don’t spend any more than 1/2 your savings. If you don’t have enough, keep saving. Borrow only in extreme emergencies. A rule for borrowing is: Do it only if there is a 100% chance and opportunity to make more short term asset. In other words for real estate or a business opportunity, where you have already have a cash balance lined up. What I mean by that is, you already have customers, assets etc. waiting, not “probably coming” or “eventually starting”, but definitely ready to drop the cash in your hand in the immediate future. Buying a house, if you can, is smart, because you need to live somewhere and one day the house is yours, instead of paying to the landlord. Buying a car is smart, if you have the money to keep it up and maintain it, but it is stupid, if you make the bank rich with interest, because the car depreciates faster than the car payments generate equity. Buy a car with cash, if you possibly can. Never use any credit cards, that is total bondage to the love of money. You have long consumed whatever you bought on credit, before you can ever pay it off.

Be ware of being a consumer. God provides all your needs and He blesses you with abundance, but don’t sit there and read the sales flyers and advertisements. First of all the things advertised are mostly things, the stores wants to get rid off, because something new and better is on the horizon (like the last years car models go on sale). Or they had that stuff in the store for a long time: Nobody wanted it for one reason or the other. Or it was so overpriced to begin with, that now on sale it finally is a normal price. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. God says: Why you buy things that are not satisfying (Is 55:2).

Always, always tithe. The 10th of your income does not belong to you, it belongs to the Lord (Malachi. 3:10, Leviticus 27:30+32, Deuteronomy 14:23, 2 Chronicles 31:6 and other passages). There are many “opinions” on tithing, but only God’s opinion is valid. The more you listen to people the more options you have to hear. As always: it only matters what God has to say. 10% from the whole means you get to keep 90%. In other words you get paid with taxes, social security and all the government takes out. So your whole paycheck is what you gross. It is not God’s problem the government takes out all their cut. So tithe of the whole. As the Lord prospers you, you could give Him offerings in addition to your tithe. It’s okay, you don’t need all that money. When you need more, God will give you more.

We live in a culture, where we want IRAs, saving accounts, investments, insurances and all that stuff, while in other places people perish, because they don’t have even food. Give, for crying out loud! The Lord says give and it will be given unto you (Luke 6:38) God owns it all, so it makes no difference. This is a temporary world you live in, nothing will last long.

Always consider God’s opinion in a purchase. Yes, God cares what kind of car you drive, what clothes you wear, what you eat. You don’t have to borrow money, if you have a good value for your investment. Just because something looks good, does not mean it is for you or is good.

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Crochet hooks conversion table

Another great contribution from Cathy’s Tokens blog:

Crochet hooks conversion table.

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Money management Part 4 Want to be rich?



Wealth has to be created, unless it is inherited. One has never to apologize to be wealthy. God is very generous and gives and increases more in everything, than we deserve. Most wealthy people I know have gained their wealth, because they keep on giving it away. That is how God’s economy works: Give and it will be given unto you (Luke 6:38). They don’t give to get more, but they give, because they either see need, they obey God to give when prompted, they give to make other people’s life better. God loves cheerful givers (2 Corinthians 9:7).

Now about inherited wealth: Many people who grew up with” a silver spoon” in their mouth are greatly to be pitied, because they never had the advantage of making something or trying their wings. Yes, most got a good education, but they know real life only from afar. They seldom got their clothes greasy, they never had blisters on their hands, they have not experienced the thrill of being with the general public on a bus or train. All the rich people, who inherited, that I met, had very empty lives, trying to fill it with stuff: trips, parties, gardens, animals, clothes………whatever else. They always were amazed, when they heard what I can do, where I have been, how my children do this or that. Most of them are very lonely, because they have to be so careful, who they trust. Friends in their financial circle are just as fake and superficial as the rich guys are themselves. Their treasures are not enjoyed, because they are in some kind of bank vault, so they will not be stolen. They surround themselves with old creaky furniture, antiques they cannot part with, because they are valuable from rich great grand relatives. They really don’t care, but they have to uphold the family name in the public eye, doing the things that are expected of them, because investments depend on conduct in financial circles: one hand rubs the other. Rich people seldom can be spontaneous, because security comes first. Not all rich people are snobs. When you get to know them, you learn to feel for their plight. Others are grouchy, because they have to leave their wealth behind in death. Bring them Jesus that is all they need.


For most people money is a means of survival in this world to an extent. The source of your income pronounces a verdict to your lifestyle. So if you are in a corrupt life style, you condemned yourself through the source you get your money from, because you get more money than your ability deserves. That definitely causes trouble, because you constantly have to defend it. God is not going to help you with it. Example is: if you stole it, you risk to be found out. If you oppressed or blackmailed others and gained money that way, it effects your conscience. The money that is not righteously and honestly gained or earned, will not give you any joy, will not be a tribute to you or show forth your achievement, but is a reminder of your shame. Eventually your conscience is seared and you will loose all your self respect, drowning in a torrent of trouble of soul, because you cannot buy satisfaction with any amount of money. That this is true you can observe in movie stars, sport players ect, who get paid far more than their efforts are worth. You can observe the boredom of people, who try to fill their life with “things”, instead of following God.

I would like to point out another idea: Everybody wants to be rich, have it made, be important and influential. Has it occurred to anyone yet, that it is more important to serve? What would all the rich people do, if there are no servants and service oriented people? They would totally collapse! Rich people rely on the service others give them, they certainly would not want to wash their own dishes or mow their grass and so on. Think what skill we learn from doing everything ourselves?! Children love to copy the grown ups and a 3 year old is happy to do everything himself! Become childlike, learn all you can about everything. Read biographies how other people live, learn and experience. That is wealth, money cannot buy. If you contemplate all the services the rich “poor” people give the monetary wealthy people, one can only feel pity for rich people, since they are not able to store up many treasures in heaven, because they serve so little themselves.

Every big shot needs to have someone on the bottom to look up to them and they can look down on them, else there is no sense in having a top and a bottom. Sad to say most societies all over the world operate like that. The flesh wants to be served, the Spirit wants to serve.

If you like to know more read part 5 of money management  and please give me your input.


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6. Evidence for God – Design Is Best Argument for God – Logical

This article resonated with me, because I am a designer of puny little crochet things. However if there would not be any designers of any patterns there also would not be crochet items, since  as we design we create a pattern. if someone doesn’t want to follow the pattern they will have to make their own design. I thank God, He is so generous to give us the freedom to choose. No religion in the world allows that freedom.

Now we just have to choose: Do we WANT to follow God’s pattern for living or make our own?

6. Evidence for God – Design Is Best Argument for God – Logical.

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How to crochet: How to crochet broomstick lace?


Enjoy this tutorial  by: Best of crochet:

How to crochet: How to crochet broomstick lace?.

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Money management Part 3 What money is all about

Since you can spend money only once, you should ask yourself before you spend it, if the object to purchase or exchange your money for is worth it or a wise investment.

Money Makers

Money is “produced” by the effort of honest men, who uses their abilities to contribute to their needs. A smart man will not consume more that he is able to generate. In other word, he will not be in debt.

Money enables you to obtain, what you need to consume, which has the worth your mind gives it. In other words, you can spend it on what your mind tells you to exchange for it.

Money can take you places, get you somewhere, do things for you, allow satisfaction.

Money cannot buy anything worthwhile in life: happiness, health, friends, family, purpose, success, value, security, love, wisdom, character, righteousness, knowledge, intelligence, freedom from death. Lately inventive business men try help people to get all those things with money also, like a marriage partner (internet dating), security systems on houses, comprehensive health insurance, fortune-telling the future, exchange from punishment, purchased credibility, insurances for all eventualities etc…. Ultimately it is God, who keeps us joyful, healthy, loved by someone, oriented, secure, wise, alive and guides our every step, if we let Him. He is God! We can trust Him that nothing can happen to us, that God and we together can’t handle.

Money is a sort of barometer in society we live in.

When you see trading done by compulsion, like gambling, not by consent and reason.

When you see, that in order to produce, you need permission or a license from the government.

When money flows to people who do not deal with goods, but concepts, ideas and favors, like the stock-market or banks.

When people get rich by lofty ideas, not by labor, like selling internet “potentials”.

When government demands taxes for no services rendered, in other words takes from the people to fuel the governmental sustenance.

When you see corruption rewarded and honesty becomes self sacrifice, than you know society is in trouble.

Whenever destructive forces are at work, they mostly start with destroying money first, because money is man’s worldly protection against hunger and exposure. So what happens if you don’t have money? God says, the thief comes to kill steal and destroy (John 10:10). That applies to all areas of life, of course. If a person does not have money, he can’t pay bills, buy food ect. It is deeply connected with men’s ability to produce and once a person cannot produce, the next thing that goes down the tubes, is their self esteem. Next depression renders people useless and they slip into utter poverty.Doesn’t that sound so familiar in the society we live in?


It gets better tomorrow in Part 4 of money management. I be glad to hear your comments.


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Money management Part 2 Living with poor people

Your effort is what produces your wealth. If you put little effort out, you remain broke. Every poor person will have a  story, why they got to this point of being destitute.

Before you read any further and consider me judgmental, lack compassion for the destitute and poor: Let it be said that my husband and I made a great living with our art, our children lacked for nothing and our monthly school bills were in access of $12oo PLUS we hired a private driver to take our children to high school, when I was in Germany with my parents. We were grateful to God for His provision and than: from one day to the next my husband got sick and we went from a app $175 000 to 1/4 million gross income to nothing in one day. That is how I became the “queen of cheap”, though I  was a environmental conscious and frugal ever since I figured out who God is. More excerpts from the book to my grandchildren:

There always ARE solutions to manage your wealth and the lack there of. images

The Bible says: I have been young, and now am old ; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken , nor his seed begging bread.Psalm 37:25. Jesus says: For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.Mark 14:7. There is a reason for that: Poor people look around and are amazed how many rich people there are. Than they discover, that to whine they will get hand out and when they get hand outs, they don’t have to try anything. So they remain poor, claim to be discriminated against, or claim it is impossible to better their situation. Yes, there is discrimination, but saying it is impossible to earn money is only an excuse not to try. I can tell you awesome success stories of godly people working = one unemployed father joyfully collected cans by the road side to recycle and made ends met, earned even enough to give to the helpless people’s causes in Muslim countries. God will have you at the right place at the right time do the right thing: no problem, IF you are willing. God does not want us to bury our talent, it makes Him mad! You can read the account about that in Matthew 25 starting at 14 with the getting mad in verse 25. God is not helping lazy people, moochers and leaches.

Some people think it strange that Jesus says in Matthew 26:11 You will have the poor with us always. If God is the defender of the fatherless, the provider of all our needs, the one who keeps His eye on each sparrow and clothes flowers, than WHY are there so many poor folks?????? Unbelievers often have a problem with this concept and say the Bible contradicts itself. Oh, really?

Look in Matthew 25 the parable of the talents again to get some insight. Especially in verse 26. God called the servant wicked and lazy, because he hid his talent and thought the rich master (God) is not “fair “with the rewards. Or in Matthew 20 the parable with the workers who worked little get the same reward as the workers, who worked all day. Does God have a problem with poor people? No, He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). Is God unfair? No, He calls us to be about His business, just as Jesus showed us (Luke 2:49) throughout His life. It is useless to do all kinds of things God does not tell us to do, because they might be nobel and good in people’s eyes, but God has His own opinion, thank you very much. God knows very well about those kind of people, who work for no reason, just to get recognition. He knows a lazy person, when He sees one. Matter of fact He has a lot to say about lazy people (Proverbs: 12:24, 12:27,15:19, 18:9, 19:24, 21:25, 22:13, 24:30, 26:14, Hebrews 6:12 and many other places).

The summary of all these verses: It is wrong to except something for nothing in God’s eyes. Of course, we should help poor people and feed them, clothes them, just like Jesus would. However the receivers have the obligation to help the situation they are in also. The least they can do is go to God in prayer and HE will provide for them, not the government, or a church program, or any other earthly power, person or thing. You have heard it say by unbelievers” God helps those, who help themselves”. But the truth is: God Himself will help those, who CAN NOT help themselves, because HE is our provider and friend in every need. Make a study on how God is our provider from Genesis to Revelation.

This is how God works in the practical sense: God, the Holy Spirit, will tell a willing person to give to a poor person, or any person that has a need. The Holy Spirit will convict the person, who supposed to give, until they surrender the goods. That person than will inherit a treasure in heaven for their obedience. All a poor or needy person has to do is, wait upon the Lord and He will meet the need. God will set up circumstances to meet the need always! Because He promised to do so. Often people, who think they have needs, but what they really have are wants. Since we are separated from God by our sin, we really have no right to be demanding. God blesses us, because He is good by nature, He is LOVE. People, who live under the curse and are not regenerated by God’s spirit often cannot wait or understand, what is good for them. Ultimately God wants all people to come to Him, not only for their needs, but more importantly for eternal redemption from death. He wants to be found by all men. He  bends over backwards to show us the way.

Sometime God has no willing person, who wants to give to the kingdom’s cause, remember: He forces nobody ever to do the right thing. Guess what He does: He creates special for the need, uses unbelievers, who have no idea what hits them. They of course will not have any treasures or rewards for their action, because they remain separated from God and will not ever go to heaven, yet sometimes God blesses them with a gift according to the law of reciprocity, which means give something to get something else, either monetary or privileges. I would be educational to google “law of reciprocity”, so you know what that is for sure. That law doesn’t only work with money, but in all situations of life. Lately people call it : ” pay it forward”, but if have a relationship to God and ask Him so you can hear the answer, it is even more than that.

Hope you enjoy this series and look forward for tomorrows part 3


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Money Management Part 1


Since I have written lately on resources, I might want to clarify some aspects of money management, since it seems to me the economy is the all important topic in our hemisphere.

I have written a book for my grandchildren to explain the facts of life, because they are very important to me and I would hate for them to be stuck in certain culture, indoctrinated in some kind of religion or just flounder around aimlessly as I was growing up atheists always looking for fun in the wrong places.

Truth is: We live only one day at a time and only ONCE. So we might as well make it count for something.

Let it be said in our world money is very important. If my wealthy client could not afford the in home nursing care, him and his wife would end up in some kind of state nursing home like the rest of the people, who wish to live to be 100 years old. Mostly the children take care of their parents, but often that can’t be done, because the children are in their seventies, when the parents are in their nineties. So much for the fun of long life.

I do not want to depress you, just clarify that there is only so much opportunity in this life and money is important to take advantage of diverse opportunities.

Anyway this is what  I have advised my grandchildren to follow.

Part 1

The Bible is full of verses pertaining to money, wealth, treasures, riches and so on. Probably because that is the lesson we need to learn the most, living in this world, but also because it is at the heart of God, that we are good stewards of what He gave us.

No matter how much money you get, you will either learn to manage money or the lack of money will always manage you. In other words, it does not matter how much money you have: You have to learn to manage it.

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. What does that mean? Put God first. If you have a dream and it is not God’s will, it does not even help to add a scripture to it. You might say, but I want that dream to become reality for God’s glory! It does not matter, you gave your life to Christ, we are bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6:20, 1 Corinthians 7:23), we are not our own. Worse yet, if we go into debt for our dream! Proverbs 22:7 says: The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. This says, there always will be powerful rich people to tell poor people what to do, but if you go into debt for any reason, you make yourself a slave to the person or institution, who you borrowed from. They can collect your debt any time and you have no recourse, which does not make you a free person anymore. In another passage God says: Romans 13:8: Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: In the USA our whole society is in debt of one form or another. I will write more on debt and how to get out of it later. Since you do not have any personal debt now, it is a good idea to stay that way. Often our self inflicted pursuit of our dreams turn often into a nightmare. Child, the best advise I can give you is to wait on the Lord to make your dream a reality. Allow for God to have that dream first! Remember the Lord’s prayer: Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10. It starts with God and than comes to earth, not the other way around.

The Bible says: For the love of money is the root of all evil: 1 Timothy 6:10. One of those Bible verses, constantly quoted and misinterpreted. It means what it says: There is nothing wrong with money, but if we love money or love things money can buy, we are dabbling in evil. Love of money works two ways to be evil: either craving money or things money buy too much or focusing on not having enough money. Wanting more stuff causes discontentment and by saying we don’t have enough money, we call God a liar, because He says He always provides our needs (Philippians 4:19), which in western economy is almost always equated with money.

Have you ever ask yourself what money is for? Would life be easier without it, since it seems so often scarce, mostly by people who want so much of it?

Money is a tool or material substance of exchange or trade. In exchange for work, effort, labor or goods you get money value for value.

You get money for your effort, in other words you exchange your effort/work with other people’s money, which gives monetary, visible, countable value to your effort. Or vise versa, if you pay for someone’s effort, like hire someone to do a job. Therefore the more effort is produced the more exchange takes place, which generates wealth. Money is a hope that someone in the world will not default on it, because the paper of itself has no value. That makes money actually a token of honor (tithe). People honor the value of the paper the money is printed on.

Someone said, that wealth is the result of mankind’s ability to capably applying God’s wisdom. Mmmmh, very possible?!

When men live by trade or exchange, with reason, not force, as their motivation to consume, it always is the best product that wins, the best performance and productivity and mens highest earthly reward. Competition brings the best possible product to people. Also called capitalism.

The world’s socialists say, capitalism is achieved on the back of the poor. Example, someone builds a house at the expense of others, who are not allowed to live in it and not get paid for their labor. Or invents a machine that is useless for anything at the expense of those who will not use it, yet they paid for it. Both examples show no productivity with the effort invested. Is money made at the expense of dummies? Money produced by the competent at the expense of the unable? By the ambitious at the expense of the lazy? Do you get the point? Socialism is stupidity. We humans are not equal and it is bad for us to enable moochers, lazy people and suckers to miss out on life, because they have no rewards of success, but just get their “fair” share, which really is not fair at all, since they generated no effort to obtain it, because the person who made the effort/work exchanges it for nothing, just giving a hand out. That handout does not generate any effort for the receiving person to overcome or better themselves or help their situation.  The fix is temporary and will recur over and over, like a leaky water hose never stops dripping, until it is fixed, restored for it’s purpose. Money is a tool, but not a tool for a robber, sucker, moocher or beggar, because they get something for nothing and God is not into that. He will not reward people, who do not come to Him for help, nor will the ones, who squanders resources needlessly get a reward.


Come back tomorrow for the conclusion in Part 2 . It will get more interesting as I explain what money is all good for.

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From rags to classy

Yesterday I was mentioning how useful it is to cut clothes into strips and make new things out of the vast array of garments that hang in people’s closet forgotten and never worn.

I would never give my clothes or anything to Goodwill, because they do not even pay their employees enough to live on and have a horrible policy of no returns. Just think: if a person has so little money not to be able to buy things and relies on Goodwill to be clothed, what if they pay 6 dollars for something and later it turns out it is not any good, doesn’t fit or something like that. They can’t take it back to the Goodwill to get their money back? Excuse me? Where the heck did Goodwill get the thing from? Yeah, right, it was freely donated. They do not pay one thing for their merchandise. They rent stores below market value, because the shopping centers are desperate to fill their spaces.  Wonder where it all goes? If you like to figure out this financial statement be my guest:


Sorry, I am off my soap box now, but I just hate it when people work and not get paid and some slick Willie lines his pocket.


On the bright side: It is really fun to stand in front of your closet and look at great colors one can combine to crochet a new vest, cushions, a rug or how about a dog bed.


You can use your odd socks for stuffing.

Had I been inspired before, I could have made my Mom in law totally cool garden chair cushions, a whole garniture of them before spending an arm and a leg for replacements. They would have looked a lot better than what one can buy in the store. And also cushions for the porch swing.


Denim is a great fabric for durable items. So cut up your jeans and lets make something useful: chair pads, throw-covers, pocket books, rucksack, baby carrier………

If you have nothing you need and still have old clothes: Sew toy sacks to organize your children’s toys. Hang up the sacks some where out of the way and when the children get bored, you let them pick a sack. Toys entertainment just as good as new from the toy store. Once the toys are back in the sack with all parts in them, the kid picks another one. You house is always cleaned up that way and the kids have fun valuing their toys instead of throwing them in every corner, where parts will be missing and be no more fun to play with.

You also can make rag ropes to hold things in place in your garage, make hammocks or make rope swings. There is no limit to recycle old clothes.

And just think the money you can save making your own things! Garden chair cushion for 4 chairs was $240, the 2 lounge chair covers were $120. A dog bed costs anywhere from $30 to $60. A hammock about $120. Sure , you have to buy some dowels for $15, but the rest is right there in your closet.

I realize with plans like mine the global economy is not helped much, but certainly the environment and the land fill benefits and so do our wallets.


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Using your resources ALWAYS

When we use our resources it is wealth building- no difference what our resources are: energy, man power, yarn stashes, plastic containers, old books………..

One of the greatest assets in this country is clothes. I mean EVERY person has an abundance of clothes. Most of which nobody even wears – ever.

I distribute clothing to a free clothing closet once a month, mostly by the truckload. Pretty much of it is great stuff, but some people do not feel ashamed to donate clothes with stains and stuff even poor people would never consider wearing. So I got this awesome glorious idea to make pattern to reuse old clothes, but time got away from me  and now I will have to concentrate on other things.

Get this: One can crochet ANYTHING using any material, especially strips of old clothes are totally free and can be made into awesome new usable things:


You can create in the round DSCF1777



Or you can create straight across:



You can couch the clothes into your thread:


Or you can crochet with the actual rag threads:


However you do it, awesome designs are possible.

I want to do a laundry hamper from old clothes, when I get a chance. Reason: I have not been able to find any laundry hamper I like. There is always something not right about laundry hampers.


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Why learn to Crochet?

Is crochet a dying art, or a thing that only grannies do, while sitting in their rockers? Absolutely not! I’ve passed my love of crochet down to my daughter, and hopefully down to my granddaughters one day.

Why crochet is the best hobby there is

1.You can make things exactly the way you like them. Use your favorite colors or splurge on that super soft, hand dyed merino wool. Customization options are endless. In a world of mass produced items, hand made stand out as special.Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.21.15 PM

2. It is a way to express individuality, and creativity. You don’t HAVE to wear things like others who buy from department stores. (I still remember shopping for a dress for my daughter. Disgusting to have 50 dresses all the same in different sizes in chain stores!!!! What if they all go to the same school district????? The whole school dance with all girls wearing the same dress? How original is that?

3. You can make income from crocheting items for others, who have 2 left thumbs or have no time to learn a new skill.

4. You make your own toys, create your own environment with stuff you make. The sky is the limit with crochet you can crochet pillows, rocks, picture frames…… whatever you like to make. You can even crochet your old clothes into new ones. My next blog will deal with that.


BUT and here is the big BUT: You have to START learning how to do it. It is not hard and the more you practice the better you get. I know a 13 year old girl on Etsy, who sells her creation of stuffed animals. I know an 11 year old, who makes hair-bands on Etsy and sells them. She started to make them for her class mates and now has a good business going.

I also know of a 8 year old who crochets all her throw pillows in her room, she also makes doll house furniture.

They all do it while they watch TV, because once you know how the stitches go together it is not that hard. Star with something simple, like a pencil pouch or a money purse. Next thing you know you make your custom book bag, your ear warmers and cloches. All is possible with determination and diligence. Not bad traits to have in American culture.

Most of all : Have REAL CREATIVE fun

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Hooks by ” Not your average crochet”

Excellent post by “Not your average crochet”, which I whole heartily agree with.

My favorite hooks do not have a brand and are made in England. I have them for years and there is no way I can find out the company. The hooks are in average 1 ” longer than an ordinary crochet hook and lay great in one’s hand not been ergo dynamic.



And here is another excellent resource if you want to learn more about hooks:


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What if your heirloom wears out? Tips for repair and cleaning of your handmade items

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 5.41.23 AM

You want to care for the things you make, or that have been handed down from loved ones. After all, you know how much work and skill has gone into the creation of it!

With your delicate items, you always want to hand wash with detergent designed for delicate fabrics, or shampoo. Always be sure to test a small area first. Never rub an old piece, not even against itself, because it might get totally out of shape and get those nasty little pills/ fuzz balls.

Lay your washed piece on a towel to dry.

Before you ever wash a piece, make sure there are no tears or places that are in danger of unraveling. If so carefully repair it before washing. If you can save the piece by sewing, try to insert the needle between the threads, and not into the threads. Holes are best repaired by darning. Always use a thread close to the original in color and weight. Weave horizontal across the tear and begin with 3 or 4 meshes on each side of the hole, than start weaving in and out, trying to duplicate the holes or designs of the original stitches.

If you need to remove stain or yellowing from the piece, use lemon juice mixed with water. Let the piece sit, but not too long. If lemon juice is too weak, try Hydrogen peroxide next. Again let sit a while, but not too long. Never use chlorine bleach, because you will weaken the fibers of your piece.  There are now also home dry cleaning products you could try as well. Before you try a dry cleaning product, read the directions carefully. You might want to do a small test area.

Sometimes, if you let the fabric, especially if it is linen, lay flat on tissue paper to dry. Most of the time there will be no water rims visible after it dried. That is especially helpful to know with old lace.

When something is  not salvageable just rework it. I mentioned a few ideas in my post:


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Using up yarn

Decorations / Décorations.

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